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Alliford Bay is a bay on Graham Island in British Columbia, Canada. On the island you can go canoeing, learn about Aboriginal heritage, go fishing, whale watching and enjoy fabulous views. Ferries from Alliford Bay go to Skidegate. You can book your ferry with AFerry

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About Alliford Bay

Alliford Bay lies on Graham Island with Moresby Island due south in British Columbia, Canada. The island lies on a stretch of water called Haida Gwaii. Alliford Bay is approximately 15 kilometres west of Sandspit. During conflicts such as WWII Alliford Bay was a home to the Royal Canadian Air Force and the facility was also lent out to the Royal Canadian Navy. The station played a role in the Royal Canadian Navy radio intelligence operations against the Japanese and was shut down in 1945.

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Alliford Bay, Beach Road, Moresby Island (Queen Charlottes), BC V0T 1T0, Canada