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Ischia has two ports, Casamicciola Terme and Ischia Porto. From the island of Ischia you can take a Medmar ferry to the city of Pozzuoli in the province of Naples, or you can travel with the ferry company SNAV to the Pontine islands of Ponza or Ventotene. Below, you can find all the Ischia ferry timetables, journey times as well as our best prices.

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Ferries to and from Ischia

Medmar currently operates a fleet of 14 top of the range vessels all equipped with the facilities to make sure you have a pleasant and relaxing journey. Ferries operating on the very short routes normally have all the facilities you would expect on a short journey. However, for longer journeys, Medmar employs ferries like the LORA D'Abundo which boast a full range of facilities. This ferry can carry up to 900 passengers and 110 cars, and can travel up 19 knots.

SNAV is a major ferry company in the Mediterranean connecting Italy, Greece and Croatia. SNAV has the latest and the fastest fleet in the Mediterranean largely made up of hydrofoils and catamarans capable of high speeds while still offering comfortable journeys. On board all SNAV catamarans and hydrofoils you will find cafes and snack bars.

The Alilauro's fleet is composed by 11 operational ferries, being its new Catamaran Angelina Lauro the "crown jewel". But the modern history of the Lauro family business began long time ago at the port of Ischia, in 1944, with Agostino Lauro aboard the Freccia del Golfo.
The crossing time is only 45 minutes, so the facilities on board are limited. You'll enjoy the wonderful landscape while you approach to your destiny.

So, book your ferry to Ischia island from mainland Italy simply and securely with AFerry today.

About Ischia Porto

Ischia is the largest island in the bay of Naples and although Capri is by far the most famous island in this region, many people consider Ischia to be more beautiful. The largest town in Ischia is also called Ischia. This can be initially confusing. In the town of Ischia, there are two different centres. These are Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte. Ischia Porto is the region where the port is located, and the region itself, is, of course, named after the port. This area is the commercial centre of the island.

Ischia Town stretches along the north east coastline of the island. Ischia is a delightful and vivacious town. Multi-coloured houses stretch along the edge of a lake which was once a crater. This lake was converted into a safe harbour by Ferdinand II of the Bourbons by opening up one side to the sea. You will find lsh pine woods throughout the town that stretch down to the beaches.

The area of Ischia Ponte is renowned for its beaches, thermal springs, historical attractions and luxury hotels built on fantastic sites of stunning natural beauty.

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Ischia Port

Ischia porto ferry port is situated to the north of Ischia island. It is the second port on the island and offers connections to Naples and the nearby city of Pozzuoli which is also in the Province of Naples. The other port on the island is the port of Casamicciola Terme which offers connections to Pozzuoli . All Ischia ferries can be booked simply and easily on AFerry.

Getting to Ischia porto port

Only residents are allowed to travel by car on the island of Ischia from April to September. However, the island offers a very good bus service.

Ischia Public Transport 'Eavbus runs a good bus service throughout the city including routes to and from the port.

Ischia Map

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Port Addresses


Via Iasolino, Ischia, 80077, Italy


Ischia Porto, Via Iasolino, Ischia, Italy