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Kohama is one of the Yaeyama Islands, situated between the two biggest of the Yaeyama Islands Iriomote and Ishigaki. Kohama, like the other surrounding islands, has beautiful clear waters, making it perfect for snorkeling and watersports.

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Getting to Kohama port

Kohama port is located on the east side of the island. It is a basic port with little facilities.

The island does not operate a bus service, and taxis can not be found on the island either. Tourists tend to cycle or walk around the small island and to reach the port.

Ferries to and from Kohama

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On board you will find comfortable seating and air conditioning on hot days. Some of the boats also have areas to sit outside and enjoy the view.

About Kohama

Kohama Island is a small island in the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, one of the Yaeyama Islands. Just a 25 minutes ferry journey from Ishigaki, Kohama is an ideal day trip destination, offering island-hoppers some of the finest views to be found in the Yaeyama archipelago. Kohama shot to fame in Japan in the early 2000s, when Japan's national TV network began filming the popular daytime drama "Chursa San" on the island, although tourist numbers have fallen away in recent years. The sunshine can be intense throughout the year on Kohama so remember to bring water, a hat, and plenty of sun block so you can enjoy a day of walking across this beautiful island.

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